Sunday, May 24, 2009

drop by

when I start photography things,I guess it's not just about making great picture,put your heart into it,or bla bla bla....It's also about business,about building your own....well company maybe...I learn about many things,how to handle client,how to talk with them,how I arrange the payment system,making my client's not easy...yes it's not,I'm still learning a lot...sometimes it's really make me stressed,but at the end I'm always happy with the result....well to be honest..not all heheheheh...sometimes the relation with the client make me confused especially when I get a job from my close friend...........but I love who I am right now,where I stand..Being in this business means that I could see a lot of people's life,learn from them...
right now I'm happy enough...enough?hehehehehehhe

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